My wife and I plus a couple of friends made a tour to part of Peru in June-July 2000. This was put together by selecting tour segment from Peru Tour. People joined and left, but our core group comprised of us four from Norway, a British couple on a holiday from their jobs in South America, and a young Spanish couple on honeymoon. We had lot of fun together!


After flights to Lima and then on to Ariquipa, the actual tour started there. From Ariquipa we had a minibus to Colca Canyon, and rturn, then minibus to Puno and Lake Titicaca, a train to Cuzco. From there to  Sacsayhuaman, Ollentayambo in the Urubamba valley, and ending in Machu Picchu. After a brief return to Cozco, a flight to Puerto Maldonado on the Amazonas River and a lodge deep in the jungle. Then back to Lima for a bus trip to Ica and a flight over the Nazca Lines. The final leg was from there to Ballestas Islands off the Paracas peninsula, and finally ending in Lima for a sightseeing there before returning to Norway.


A key fact during this trip was that most of the time, we were at elevations above 3000 m. Therefore, all hotels in the area served tea made from coca leaves; this to improve blood circulation in the head, in order to reduce the effects of altitude sickness.


The trip was taken in July, when the precipitation normally is low, but when the temperature in the Amazonas jungle runs around 30 °C.

NOTE: The pictures in this folder and subfolders were all taken with the film camera Nikon F70, my last of the kind before the digital age. The films were then scanned by a commercial service. However, the scan quality at the time (in 2001) was not up to the standard of this day. Therefore, the images have a large amount of noise.