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This website is about how I have seen the world through my lenses, and recorded by generations of cameras. The pictures are about landscapes, nature, places, and people. The pictures do not pretend to have any serious artistic merit. The pictures are taken through a period of 25 years. Those from Norway are from trips taken with our cars and with the motorhome we owned for some years.

I have travelled to more than 55 countries on all continents, either on business, or together with my wife. Rarely have we travelled by joining a group, except where the language barrier have been too great, like in China. In any case, when travelling on the move, is has been difficult to search for good compositions, light opportunities, and other factors that would have been neccessary to make a good image. Therefore, my pictures are of the world and the people I have encountered.

I got my first camera at the age of 14, an Agfa Silette 35 mm f 2.8. This served me well while hiking in the mountains of Norway where I grew up. I started early to do the printing, and later also all film development. Later on I got my first SLR, a Mamyia/Secor that took me into print color film and diapositive film. Thereafter, I went through generations of Nikon film bodies, and then digital bodies. My current Nikon is D6000. I prioritize good lenses instead of hunting for the latest body.

Bacause of the travel aspect, I am now mostly using the mirrorless Sony Alpha 6000. My lens selection includes a Sony 18-135 OSS for general single-lens travel, and Samyang 12 mm, Sony 35 OSS, Tamron 18-200, and Sony 70-350 OSS, among others.

For processing, I am mostly using ACDSee Pro 8. This is very time effective in management of files, arranging, and re-numbering. Also, this application has effective shadows and highlight controls, as well as many other good functions, like perspective controls.

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An engineer by profession

Utsiktsveien 7 B

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Onboard the expedition ship Nordstjernen
at 80ยบ, North of Svalbard