Iceland was settled in the 9th century, as the story goes, by Irish monks. But thereafter, the settlers came mostly from Norway. The island was then under Norwegian and Danish rule, until it became a republic in 1944.


The island is located on the rift between the European and American geological sub-terrain plates. Thus, the volcanic activity is high, and as late as in 1963 a new island, Surtsey, was formed off the South coast. For this reason, the main power source in Island is geothermal energy.


There are numerous places where ther is hot water underground, ans some evaporates into the air, casing "smoke". That is the source of Reykjavik, Reykholt, and Reykjanes, among others: "reyk" = smoke.


The country as an area of 102 775 km2, and has 387 800 inhabitants.

We travelled there in 2003, had lots of foggy days, but nevertheless a very good trip in the fabulous nature. My camera at the time was a Nikon D80, with only 10 Mpixel