Norway West Coast

The west coast stretches from Stavanger in the south to Trøndelag in the north. The coast is intersected by several deep fjords, the longest being Sognefjorden, 205 km from the actual coastline. You will find high, steep mountains straight up from the sea, the largest glacier in Norway at almost 2000 m, spectacular waterfalls, small farms, and small and large communities. The largest city is Bergen, well known for its trade houses from the German Hanseatic period approx. in the years 1300 - 1700.


The region faces the ocean, and this has influenced the attitude of people. Therefore, fisheries, long distance shipping, and a general entrepreneurial spirit are common traits. Ship building has long traditions. This has laid the foundation for the service industry for the Norwegian offshore oil industry of today. Many of the shipyards have developed world leading technologies for under-water operations.


This entrepreneurial spirit has also created some unlikely industries, like furniture production in an area with serious transportation challenges to reach the international markets.


The west coast is nowadays an attractive destination for the international cruise ships, visiting UNESCO World Heritage fjords.

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