Sogn og Fjordane

This region is in the middle of the west coast of Southern Norway, and as the name indicates, consists several fjords. The main on is Sognefjorden, which cuts 205 km deep into the country, having a maximum depth of 1303 m. This is the worlds longest fjord that remains free of ice during the winter. To the North, lies Sunnfjord (south) and Nordfjord .


Located between the two first lies "Jostedalsbreen", the largest glacier i Northern Europe. The top of the glacier has an elevation og 2083 m.


The northern part of the region ends in Stadt Peninsula, jutting into the Atlantic Ocean.  The weather and sea conditions can be dangerous for all shipping. For this reason, the Norwegian Government has recently decided to build the worlds first ship tunnel though  the peninsula, 1,7 km long and 36 m wide to provide safe passage for of ships of the size like Hurtigruten (see separate web page).


Small farms and costal fisheries have for ages been the basis for the small settlements along the many fjords. In later years, ocean-going trawlers, salmon farming, and shipbuilding, service for the offshore oil industry are now biggest businesses.


The scenery changes from low coastal islands and hills to steep mountains rising directly up from the sea. The contrast between blue water, green vegetation, dark mountains, white glaciers and blue skies attracts scores of cruise ships during season.