Romsdal is a region Between Sunnmøre and Nordmøre, on the North-West coast of Norway.

The largest city is Molde, Westwards towards the Atlantic Ocean, but well protected. In the West, fisheries have been the dominant livelihood. An example is Bjørnsund, found in another section of these web pages.

In this region you will also find some iconic, spectacular roads, like "Trollstigen" - "The Ladder of the Trolls", and "Atlanterhavsveien" - The Atlantic Ocean Road", which runs right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and having a twisted bridge across the water.

The inner part is intersected by deep fjords, and the mountains rise to 2000 m and beyond. The city of Åndalsnes is the center of one of the best the mountain climbing regians in Norway. And in addition to serious climbing, the area is an eldorado for hiking. I was born and raised in this area; thus I love to show "my" mountains, of which I have climbed many of them.