Hardanger is the central west coast of Norway. The total area is about 34 000 km2, and  has a population of ca 630 000 persons. The highest mountain is Store Skagastølstind, 2406 m. Hardanger is dominated by Hardangerfjord, 179 km, the sixth longest fjord in the world. A branch to the south - Sørfjorden - cuts 50 km into the mountains. To the east is the Hardangervidda National Park. Between Sørfjorden and the Atlantic Ocean, lies Folgefonna Glacier, the third largest in Norway.


Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and the main city in the region. It has a long history as a trading port, and especially during the Hansatic period (1350-1750) when a number of characteristic warehouses were built on the wharf. Those houses are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


As like the other regions next to it, Rogaland to the south, and Sogn og Fjordane to the north, agriculture and costal fishing have been the sources of income for centuries. Hardanger is nowadays well known for being one of the best region for cultivating fruit. Also, there are several ship yards, building specialized ships and underwater oil installations.