Budapest straddles the Danube River with the Buda part of the city on the south side, and Pest part on the north side of the river. The Danube is the longest river in Europe after Volga, having a length of 2850 km, of which 2415 km is navigable today.


We visited Budapest during Easter of 2003. The Spring had just stated to show, So the flowers were sparse. But the weather was pleasant.


The camera at the time was an Olympus 5050Z with 4.9 MPixel, thus severely limited resolution. The picture processor is not that great, in total resulting in camera noise and color artefact. Add a not too experience photographer into the mix, and the results were not become very impressive. However, we had a good time during 4 days.


The Margit-szget Island (Margaret Island) is located in the middle of the river, accessible at both ends by bridges spanning between the Buda and Pest sides.