In April 1981 I attended a scientific conference in Napoli, and at the end of this, a group of us added an extra day to visit Capri and Pompei, including a chair lift trip to the top of Mount Vesuv, the volcano that buried Pompei.


The camera on this trip was a small pocket model with not too good optics. The pictures were shot on color positive film, that was stored in non-controlled environments for over 40 year before being scanned. Therefore, the resolution suffers, and the colors are off, but they still show some of the atmosphere of Capri and Pompei.

We visited Venezia in March 2007. This early in the year, It was before the main infux of tourists. We were on a charter group and landed in Milano, an almost 4 hour bus trip to Lido de Jesolo, where we had out hotel. From there we took daily boattrips ourseves to the city of Venezia.

My camera at the time was one of the first Nikon digital cameras, the D70, with a sensor with 6 Mpixel, and not too god image processor.