Norway South Coast

The South Coast extends roughly from the cities of Tønsberg in the east and a bit past Kristiansand in the west.


Geographically, the terrain consists of low hills/mountains, fjords, and an coastline dotted with smaller and bigger islands. The terrain was formed during the last Ice Age, and traces may still be seen in the form of huge rocks deposited on flat terrain as the ice melted.


Roughly 100 - 200 years ago, the export of timber became a major source of income. The export went primarily to UK where the Industrial Revolution depleted England for its trees. Therefore, the Norwegian shipping business has its roots here. This in time made Norway into one of the largest commercial shipping nations. Today, the area is the home of numerous companies in the oil services industry.


Agriculture and coastal fisheries have always been very important, and remain so to this date. The region is also a very popular summer and tourist destination.