Senja is an island located in Troms County, somewhat West of the city Tromsø. It has an area of about 1600 km2, and has roughly 8000 inhabitants. The geography consists of fjords between high, spectacular mountains on the Western and Northern coast. The Northern coast is facing directly the Barents sea, at times enduring some really bad weather, as well as more calm periods. The South-Eastern area is more flat, and support some agriculture. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge at Finnsnes.


The island has several notable spots: Husøy where the settlement is concentrated on a small island connected to the mainland by a jetty, Laukvik with a white sand beach in the north,  Hamn with a very nice hotel, Gryllefjord and Torsken (literally meaning "the cod"), are both important fishing communities, with Torsken being the largest settlement on Senja. Fishery has been the main occupation for ages. The fishery fields are up north into the Barents sea.