Mekong River - Part 1

The great Mekong River runs from the high Himalayas through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. 90 million people are dependent on the river for agriculture, fishing, and transportation. It carries an average of 15 000 m3/second from an area of over 800 000 km2.

The pictures below are from a trip taken by two couples in 2007. Starting in Saigon, a minibus took us to the delta area of Mekong in Vien Long. This is a "floating city", where people live on boats, and where most business is conducted on the water. Then on a small river boat whith only a guide and the driver up the river; thereafter on a minibus to the city of Chau Doc, not far from the border to Cambodia. After a night there, a new boat trip up to Phnom Penh, with a border crossing into Cambodia in between.

For technical reasons, the pictures from this journey is split into two parts.