Fiji is an island nation in the South Pacific, 1 1/2 degree west of the Date Line, and 18 degrees south. It is located about 2000 km north-east of New Zealand. It has about 300 island formed by volcanic activity, and the land area is about 18.000 km2. It was a colony under UK until 1970, when it gained independence. Cotton and sugar cane are important export articles. The British imported slaves from other Pacific islands, as well as laborers from India. Therefore, there are still buildings and shrines with Indian origin on the main island, Viti Levu. Many of the present day Fijians are decedents from that period.


The climate is tropical, but with the immense body of water all around, the weather is quite pleasant.


My wife Sonja and myself visited Fiji for a few days in the year 2001 on a stopover from Norway via Los Angeles en route to New Zealand and Australia. We stayed at a resort on the largest island, and took day trips by rental car to Natadola beach, and by a small boat to Malamala island, a truly idyllic tropical, small island.


The camera equipment was very simple, an Olympus C-5050Z. Thus, the picture quality does not stand up to the present day standards, nor was the photographer very accomplished!